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Trinity Integrated Care

Our program’s emphasis on community engagement, linkage, and life skills training is strengthened by our adult residential community environment. Clients benefit from extensive life skills training, peer counseling, case management, behavioral self-management, and community residential treatment systems.


Residents of our residential treatment program are given access to hope, healing, and a healthy lifestyle.

Trinity Integrated provides a secure and nurturing atmosphere for balanced recovery and healing. Residential treatment clients live in fully furnished homes that are professionally staffed 24 hours a day. Our home-like setting allows residents to adopt their new coping skills within the local community and to daily life while taking part in the therapeutic process. The goal is to help residents successfully reintegrate back into their homes, family lives, and careers with newfound self-esteem, direction, and control.

What We Do

Continuum of Care

Within our residential treatment program and continuum of care, Trinity Integrated offers comprehensive clinical pathways that focus on long-term recovery for clients and their families. 

Dignity and Respect

As part of our mission, we believe that individuals can change with the proper therapeutic support. At Trinity, we provide compassionate care that incorporates traditional integrative approaches. Expression therapies give our clients the tools they need to live a life of freedom apart from their disorder.

Intrinsic Ability for Self-Healing

Residents are encouraged to make progress toward their treatment benchmarks, which include gaining self-awareness, self-reliance, and self-monitoring skills. Additionally, residents aim to establish a balanced home, work, life, and social support networks within the community.

Innovative and Flexible Treatment


Customized Treatment


Therapeutic and Compassionate Treatment Environment


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